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2021 | Medications [Meditations Remixes]

This album represents what is, to me, anyway, my seventh ‘proper’ release, the other seven being released either on other third party labels, or my own imprint.


June 2021


Whilst it might appear as though I’ve been sat with my thumb up my arse, appearances can be deceptive. 2021 saw the usual flurry of writing and recording activities at my Fool on the Hill studios, and, as ever, I’ve been regularly producing some interesting fresh material, some of which will probably surface on a new album in the not-too-distant future.

In the interim, I have released ‘Medications’ on mid-summer’s day, 2021. This mini-LP contains three reinterpretations of the first three phases from ‘Meditations’, which was released last year on the same date.

At Swim, the members of which are Paul Gathercole & Ben Ackland, formerly AGK, old labelmates at the Big Chill, revisit Phase I Ocean Floor and give the whole piece an ethereal and other-worldly take on things. It’s a beautiful re-work.

I turn my hand to reworks of Phase II ‘Deep Dive’ and Phase III ‘Infinity’, adding a subliminal dubbed out feel to the soundscapes. I’m pretty sure that if you enjoyed Meditations, then you’ll enjoy this album.

I decided to take the same tack as the last album, which was to release it exclusively on BandCamp on the 21st May ’21, then roll it out to all other digital and streaming platforms on the midsummers’ day.


Lucid Recordings also released a very limited compact disc of the album, which was housed in a tri-fold sleeve with art and photography by myself. The audio was slightly different from the digital release inasmuch as it contained additional sound design which meant that each phase segued into the next.

The general aim was to present the listener with an aural equivalent of a deep dive in a small submarine. The final results were vaguely discombobulating, albeit in a good way.

For those of your hoping to grab yourself a copy, I’m afraid it was released, sold out and was therefore deleted on the same day.

However, you can still buy a digital copy here on my BandCamp page. Or for those of you who don’t do downloads, you can stream on Spotify here.



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