Posted On: 28th June 2007

Union Chapel 2007

I was invited by old friend Anne Garner to perform this special one-off gig. She was curating this series of daytime concerts at the Union Chapel.

It was almost six years since I’d last performed at this beautiful place, the last time being alongside Tom Middleton’s AMBA, when I played a very ambient gig in front of around 1200 people. Incredibly nerve wracking.

This time though, I played to a tiny fraction of that number – about 6 people! No joke, that figure included me and the soundman!!

Still, I played a lovely set, and the feedback from the four others that attended was great. That’s really all that matters; that you’re able to touch just one person with what you’re doing on stage.

I sang some recent compositions, but the majority of my set was all about atmospheres – the ambient space of this huge, cavernous chapel lends itself perfectly to ambient music.

However, having said all this, my good mood was curtailed by a hefty parking fine for parking in a resident’s bay outside the venue.

Yin and Yang.

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