Posted On: 10th October 2008

Stop the Bus

A little Sunday event that a friend of mine called Alex Cooper put on. It was his first attempt at putting together a Sunday Social, a tricky thing to undertake in the financial climate at the time.

He’d invited Glyn Bush and I down to spin some tunes. It was an interesting venue; a kind of bazaar for vinyl heads (if you know what I mean). There were lots of second-hand record stalls, and other people flogging off retro clothing and little nibbles – I suppose quirky would be a good description.

I started things at about 6pm after indulging in the local beers. Ed was along for the ride too, accompanying my set with some of his visuals and by the time we hit the stage, we were both pretty lubricated after quaffing said beers.

The set passed quite smoothly – I improvised most of it, using Reason and a few loops and just made it up as I went along.

Glyn came on after me, playing stuff off his new album.

We ended up staying at my old mate Barry’s place for the night; a great weekend away!

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