Reinterpretation I

Product Description

As the title of this album suggests, these are a selection of remixes that I’ve put together for various acts, from 2000 until around 2007.

I find remixing a fantastic way to kick start a creative spurt; you get all these little snippets and it’s like taking something intricate to pieces, then re-assembling it, but in the order and shape that you deem decent.

Usually, my remixes sound absolutely nothing like the original, as I tend to take one tiny fragment or theme from the original and then make up a completely new tune to fit snugly around it.

Most of these tracks are already in circulation on various albums, the majority of which have attracted critical praise. But there are a couple of unreleased gems on here; Laura B’s ‘LBJ Beauty’ which I’ve remixed into a dream-house epic, and my personal fave – my version of AGK’s ‘The Shortest Romance’ which is essential ‘4 in the morning after a good session’ soundtrack music…



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