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Since I was a wee lad, it’s been a dream of mine to release some of my own compositions on gatefold double vinyl.

With this release, I finally achieved this.

If you dip in and out of this website, then you’ll already know about [or, if you’re lucky, already own a copy of] this album. In early 2017, I launched my 2nd kickstarter campaign to attempt to fund the hefty production costs involved in making it all happen. Mastering, pressing and producing a double vinyl album and deluxe CD was going to prove to be an expensive decision. I needed to raise somewhere in the region of £4K simply to break even, and that wasn’t taking into account any of the time I’d actually spent crafting the content!

I was buoyed by some of the comments I’d received when I put out a feeler email prior to launching the campaign to the folks who’d come on board the 1st campaign for Peace Odyssey; the resounding message was ‘aim high’. I needn’t have worried; I raised my target in even less time than it had taken to raise half the amount I was after first time around! To say I was over the moon is a mammoth understatement.

So, I present to you the second album ‘proper’ on Lucid Recordings. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that I believe that it’s one of my strongest releases to date. Sonically, it sounds fucking fantastic, thanks to the discerning ear of Chris Bagust, who undertook mastering duties again.

Whilst you can listen to low-rez tasters for each track, the digital isn’t available on this site as I’ve signed this album over to 6 Degrees Records. They’re distributing and selling the download worldwide.

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