Older Work II

Product Description

As the title of this release suggests, this contains more re-mastered pieces from the mid-nineties.

At this time, I was listening to and absorbing a lot of deep, techy house and ambient jungle rhythms and experimenting with Propellerheads ‘Rebirth’ softsynth; consequently a fair few of the tracks featured here reflect this.

I’d expanded my studio to include the classic Roland Juno 106, a fully implemented analogue MIDI keyboard, synonymous with superb washy pads, which for the next few years embodied the ‘alucidnation sound’. Further additions included a bigger mixing desk, the Mackie 1604, plus a rather clunky Akai S1000KB sampler. OK, it did the job, but it was a museum piece back then and was also spectacularly awkward to program. The neck-ache I endured is quite probably responsible for the sporadic back trouble I suffer from these days!

All cuts are live, mastered from DAT or audio cassette.

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