Welcome to Lucid Recordings.

First off, thanks for listening to alucidnation.

Here, you can audition and purchase music from my back catalogue. Work is available as digital download, on press-to-order CD and in some cases, 12" vinyl.

Track previews are now up to 2 minutes in length as some of my work evolves over long periods.

All tracks cost 25p per download.

All digital downloads purchased here are full resolution 320kbit mp3 files. However, for those of you who are after uncompressed FLAC quality WAVs, fear not. Links are available to my BandCamp site on each album page.

The majority of CD merchandise will be deleted before the end of 2019.

Grab a clearance bargain at £4.99 whilst you can. Once they're deleted, they're deleted.


Enjoy browsing!