Posted On: 29th April 2015

Natural Camouflage


Update on LP progress.

Sorry to be the arbiter of  bad news, but I’ve decided to push back the release of this album. The plan had been to release this before the kickstarter crowd-funded LP, but there’s no explanation for the delay apart from life getting in the way.

My own label, Lucid Recordings are releasing a new alucidnation album on download and press-to-order CD.

‘Natural Camouflage’ will be available on Lucid Recordings once I’ve sorted out the logistics around releasing the other LP.

It’ll be a retrospective of some of my work from 2009 through to 2011, taking in various head-nodders and ambient compositions… the usual quality.

The album has now been mastered by the excellent Chris Bagust at Interzones.

I’ll let you know when I’m planning the release – suffice to say it’ll probably be later in 2015.

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