Firstly, an introduction…


Having been variously described as ‘a quiet achiever’ and ‘unassuming polymath’, I believe the former to be a reasonably accurate description.

I’m still working on this section of the site, and in doing so, attempting to recall and document certain landmarks in my life which might, or there again might not be relevant to my music.

I have to be honest and tell you, dear reader, that it’s proving to be quite difficult writing and coding this part of this site, but I’m trying to document certain instances in my life that I reckon have formed my present-day character. At this moment [April 29th 2015] I’ve managed to publish my story up until the mid-late eighties.

Don’t expect this story to be purely about my music. A lot of it is, obviously, but I hope you enjoy reading my words and looking at some of the pictures.