Posted On: 05th July 2012

Haselstock 2012

After a fallow year in 2011, the HaselStock crew were back to lay on a weekend of general merriment in the midsts of the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside. For me, it was an ideal opportunity to gather together some of my closest friends and family – something which as we all edge inexorably towards middle age appears to be an increasingly hard feat to realise.

But we managed it, and by Friday late afternoon, we’d circled the wagons and were letting our hair down [or lack of it in my case] courtesy of the free bar that was included in the ticket price. There were some fantastic ales on tap, and we all got stuck into enjoying ourselves, once the kids were tucked up in bed.

To be honest, much of Friday night is a blur – I recall sitting around talking bollocks and then hitting the hay reasonably early, as my set occured at midday on the Saturday. I opened up with a very ambient piece which kind of set the mood for my whole set, which lasted for over two and a half hours. The sun shone and I held my audience throughout, which considering the amount I had to pay them I kind of expected. ;)

The highlight of the weekend came in the shape of The Egg, who played the headline gig on the Saturday night. They still know how the rock a party – good work lads.

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