Posted On: 29th April 2015

AFD Remix

As of today, Monday May 11th 2015, the EP is out on digital and CD.

You can get hold of it by visiting the Another Fine Day Bandcamp page.

Seriously, it’s a lovely listen.


Since being introduced to Tom Green, aka Another Fine Day’s music in 1990, I’ve been a keen follower and advocate of his work.

My first introduction was by way of The Orb’s seminal debut album, ‘Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld‘ – Tom was a floating member of the band and contributed the sublime ‘Star 6, 7, 8, 9′ to the closing stages of the work – it was probably my favourite track.

When he released his debut LP ‘Life Before Land‘ as Another Fine Day back in 1994, I was hooked. There are very few LPs that I can safely say would be one of my ten desert island discs, but this would definitely be one of them.

So to be asked to remix a track by Tom for his new album on Interchill was a genuine honour. The EP, which is released on May 10th 2015, features remixes by another ex-Orb member Greg Hunter, who did a cracking job on a remix for me on my third EP, plus remixes by Hibernation and Ishq.

I chose to remix ‘And Dream of Seals’, submerging the listener in an underwater world of bubbles and ocean noise.

The album is out now and is available here.

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