Wow. Time flies when you’re having fun. It even seems to go pretty quickly when you’re not having much fun too, but I guess that’s all part of getting a wee bit older.

Since my last update, I’ve enjoyed a 47th birthday and moved house.

But not on the same day. More about the house move, and more specifically the headaches experienced whilst moving my sprawling studio are in the scrapbook, here.

In other news, I’ve successfully crowd funded a new LP, penned a remix for the Another Fine Day ‘Remixed’ EP and appeared on a couple of compilations – again you can read about these kind of things and much, much more in the scrapbook.

Not that many people will read it, but I’ve started to add to the history section of the site. If you’ve got some spare time and fancy some light-hearted reading, then you could do worse than have a gander.

I’m still working on the discography section, but there’s not really any rush, is there.

Pledgemusic Vinyl & CD Kickstarter

More wows – I hit full target on this 90 day campaign in just 30 days!

It goes without saying that I am seriously humbled by the response I’ve received from my listeners literally all over the world.

Some of the pledges were more than generous and I promise that I’ll deliver a product that is worthy of your ongoing support.

Since announcing this project, I’ve had a rethink about the content, so rather than it being completely ambient, I plan to deliver a more rounded product which’ll be more representative of my output over the past couple of years. Hence the change of cover and title…

Of course, if you haven’t already got involved and want to purchase something to do with the project, whether that be a vinyl copy of the new album, or a CD if you don’t have a turntable, then you can still do so by visiting my PledgeMusic site.

There’s also a scrapbook link here which I’ll keep updated with news on this project.


New Shop

You’re probably already aware of this, but the shopping system on this site has been totally upgraded and modified which will hopefully make your online experience less of an arduous process.

In other news, I’ve extended all teaser tracks to on average 1m45s, which’ll hopefully give you a better idea of how each track develops and grows.


The new scrapbook replaces what was the old news and events pages.

It’s akin to a blog; I’ll post up information regarding new releases, events and other fascinating bits of information that will either blow your mind or bore you shitless.

If you move your eyeballs to the right, you’ll spot some links to some pearls of wisdom that I’ve already penned.