Spring 2016.

A fair bit has happened since I last updated this site, which was early February, believe it or not. Time really does tend to pass me by increasingly quickly, so it’s important to make the most of every day one has on this planet.

That’s my mantra, anyway. And I’m sticking to it – for today, at least.



Spring Sale!

I’ve been thinking about why people don’t seem to be prepared to pay for the music that they listen to any more, preferring to either stream it, or pirate it. I’ve written an article about it too, so if you’ve a few minutes to spare, have a read.

With all this front of mind, I’ve also decided to have a Spring Sale in my shop.
Until May 22nd, all digital downloads are 25p.


An Operation.

On March 10th, I had a pretty major operation on my left hip. A resurfacing, to be specific. Fortunately, I’m a healthy type of guy, so I’ve never been into hospital before, apart from to visit other people.  So I had very few preconceptions as to what to expect, apart from a morbid fear of the anaesthetic, which turned out to be completely unwarranted. Without going into too much detail here [you can read more about my observations here if you’re interested!] I can report that it appears that the operation has been a success!

Anyway, we’re now one month on and I’m walking around with the occasional aid of a stick, and I’m finding that I’m quite happy pottering around without it, more often than not. I’ve been housebound since the date of the operation, which I thought would drive me up the wall – cabin fever and the like – but I’m actually quite enjoying the experience.

Before I went under the knife, I genuinely thought that I’d be in the studio doing loads of work immediately after coming out of hospital, but I’ve not really felt like doing much, apart from daily exercises and resting up.

Having said that, at the time of writing this [Sunday April 10th] I’m happy to report that the track that I’ve had up on the mixing desk for the last 7 weeks is now completed after a week of quite intensive programming and sequencing – an unusual way of working for me. But the results are tangible – the detail shows in the final mixes. I have to say that this new track isn’t  typically alucidnation – almost a funk/dub vibe. I’ll be releasing this on an EP over the next month or so, so watch this space.


Peace Odyssey.

Seems like old news now, but I’ve rolled out my kickstarter LP project to everyone else who maybe missed the boat first time round. So ‘Peace Odyssey’ is now officially out.

You can buy it directly from me here. It’s also available as hi-rez audio on my Bandcamp page and is available on iTunes and all good digital stores now.

For those of you who prefer the physical product, I have limited quantities available on CD and vinyl LP here in my shop too, so tell all your friends!

BandCamp Picks

As well as retailing my music here on this site, you can also visit my BandCamp page to listen to and purchase my catalogue; here are a few random tracks to whet your appetite…

Planned New Releases.

SloMo  |  Versions

I think I was online a while back and heard an extended version of an Aphex Twin track from Selected Ambient Works II which stopped me in my tracks.

A very simple premise – it took the original and slowed it right down, whilst keeping the pitch and general ethereal feel of it, beautifully.

I guess the concept’s akin to ultra slow-motion videography.

After doing a bit of research, I discovered that this rework had been created using some freeware, intriguingly named PaulStretch.

I reckoned that the final track on my debut album could benefit from the timestretch treatment, so here is Suspended on Air: the Long Version.

Seeing as it’s had such a positive reaction on SoundCloud, I’m toying with the idea of applying similar treatments to other ambient fodder in my back catalogue, then releasing a download-only album that could be used for therapy, meditation and suchlike. I’ll keep you posted.

Broken EP

Those of you paying attention will have already read that whilst I’ve been convalescing I’ve not been completely bone-idle. I’ve finally finished a work-in-progress that had been up on my Mackie 32-8 desk for about 7 weeks, which for me, is rather a long time. In addition to the main mix, which is almost akin to an Average White Band / Wild Cherry-type groove, I carved out two other instrumental mixes.

With this track, I really got into the guts of the programming and sequencing, then spent quite a long time on the way the whole thing sounded. I really enjoyed the whole process and, whilst it doesn’t really conform to the traditional ‘alucidnation formula’, I’ll be releasing these three mixes on an EP called ‘Broken’ in late May.

Here’s a taster video for the 4th track on the EP, which was recorded at the tail-end of the sessions, and in stark contrast to the other pieces, ‘All at Sea’ was recorded pretty much live with little or no overdubbing. I used my arsenal of analogue synthesizers to full effect, particularly the Roland JP8080. Share the love.

Long Versions
Broken Cover


Or rather, gig – in the singular.

In a rare turn of events, I’m going to be playing out some of my stuff out at this rather lovely little festival in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside between August 5th and 7th.

The Together 2016 Festival will be held in Thoulstone Park and will bring together around 500 friends, and friends of friends, with all profits being dontated to the Awamu Foundation. The emphasis is going to be on a good, varied soundtrack, whilst languishing in 145 acres of rolling parkland.

All we need now is some good old fashioned English sunshiney weather and it’ll be the perfect prescription.

Follow the link for more information and also get hold of your tickets. It’ll be a lovely party!



A New Interchill Compilation.

The good folk at Interchill Records have issued a new compilation, and I feature on it not once, but twice with some classic alucidnation goodness.

Called simply ‘Interchill’, it’s a roundup of some of the highlights from the label’s prolific output from the last four or so years.

I feature on it with the opening track from ‘Aural Architecture’, ‘Protocol’, and the Irresistible Force remix of ‘Genetics’ is also included.

Those of you who are familiar with the Interchill label will notice that they have a brand new sparkly website. You can visit my artist page there and there’s also my releases page for your reading pleasure…



Get Lost – back in stock on CD.

My second album, originally released in 2009 on Big Chill Recordings, ‘Get Lost’, has long since sold out on CD. I’ve always been quietly surprised that it didn’t do quite as well as ‘Induction’ seemed to do from a purely commercial point of view, but maybe I’m biased – I consider it to be my finest collected body of work to date.

However, the LP was also signed and released in Asia and Australasia by the rather excellent One World Music. I’ve been in touch with them recently and it transpires that they have limited stock available, so I now have a few copies here for sale in my shop.

Go here to order it

alucidnation Shop

My online shopping system has been totally upgraded and modified which will hopefully make your online experience less of an arduous process.

In other news, I’ve extended all teaser tracks to on average 1m45s, which’ll hopefully give you a better idea of how each track develops and grows.


The new scrapbook replaces what was the old news and events pages.

It’s akin to a blog; I’ll post up information regarding new releases, events and other fascinating bits of information that will either blow your mind or bore you shitless.

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