Winter, 2019.

My day job appears to be taking up more and more of my time. You might well disagree with me on this one, but I do think that juggling the work-life balance is becoming increasingly tricky in this 24/7 comms age that’s suddenly the norm.

I find that the stamina that I took for granted in my comparative youth is now becoming more of a precious commodity. The days where I’d finish my day job and then immediately get cracking in my studio for a night’s slog are fading fast. To be honest, that’s traditionally when I’d buckle down and write – stumbling out of my studio at 3am with either aural gold, or a crock of old shit that’d never see the light of day.

So I guess that I’ve been pleasantly surprised when I’ve reviewed my annual review of the material on my hard drive since the new year commenced. There’s definitely enough fresh material to release something, but as I’ve only just released Paracosmic, it’s a little too soon for a new record.

‘Best of Bruce’..?

Primarily thinking out loud here, but I’ve been vaguely toying with the idea of undertaking another kick-starter, and releasing some kind of ‘best of bruce’ compilation. This would mean taking a retrospective, hazy, naval-gaze back at the last twenty or so years of alucidnation tunes, and pulling together a CD set [and possibly a limited vinyl edition!] of what I deem to be some of my finest works.

It’d be good to get your an idea of interest, dear reader… I’ll post a link to this blog on facebook but if you think you’d be into getting involved, then please, drop me a quick email to and I can gauge reaction..

alucidnation on 6 Degrees Records.

Some more exciting news; I’ll wager that you can hardly contain your excitement.

I’m very proud to inform you that I’ve just joined the exceedingly good artist roster at 6 Degrees Records. They’re looking after the digital and download side of things for the new album. My artist page is here.

6 Degrees released Paracosmic on October 19th 2018 and you can go and have a listen, and, if you like what you hear, order it from all the usual suspects by clicking here.

For those of you who prefer the superior format of CD & vinyl, both limited editions are available for purchase here and here in my own shop and on the 6 Degrees BandCamp page.

You can read more about the making of ‘Paracosmic’ here.

Various Musings.

Living in Mono.

I spent a rather worrying 10 long days suffering from temporary deafness in one ear.

I’ve written a piece on this affliction, which you can read here.

Slimming Down the Operation

I’ve written an article about hanging onto old gear, or, in my case, not hanging onto it. I’m starting to sell off some of my analogue synthesizers and replace them with a more ‘in the box’ approach.

This way, I’m saving space, and lessening the amount of physical possessions I’ve accumulated along the way. I’m keen to streamline the operation.

OK, so if you’re not into ‘owning’ music, then sure; click on the Spotify logo to listen to my catalogue. Every stream earns me the princely sum of 0.00429p, so if I bump into you in the pub, you can buy me a pint.


BC Logo

But if you’re after high quality digital, then in addition to my online shop here, click on the BandCamp logo to visit my store.

Here are a few random picks from my back catalogue…

Ozora Festival 2019.

I’ve been asked to play at the Ozora festival this year. Quite a nice accolade – I’ll be playing on the Ambyss stage, alongside the likes of Steve Hillage, Youth, Gaudi and Andy Falconer.

If you live out in Hungary, then you might be interested in popping along.

There’s more information here.

youtube_logoYouTube Channel.

I’ve finally got my act together and started making some short films to accompany some of the tracks on the new album.

alucidnation is all over YouTube already. It’s just that it’s other people that are posting tracks, so I guess I should be too.

Please go here and subscribe to my channel, as I intend to do more visual stuff to accompany my music when I get a bit more time; a precious commodity these days..!

alucidnation | All at Sea

alucidnation | Analogue Test v5

alucidnation | Joyous

alucidnation Shop

What with the move away from downloads towards a streaming music model, I’ve gone and lowered my pricing. All downloads are now 25p.

All teaser tracks are on average 1m45s, which’ll hopefully give you a better idea of how each track develops and grows.

Pop in and take a look around


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