I have now taken delivery of the finished CDs for the kickstarter project, and very nice they look too. Thankfully,they sound pretty good as well.

I will be starting to mail these out the in the next couple of weeks. Those of you who got involved with the campaign should have received a link to the FLAC/MP3 download of the LP. If you’re reading this and you haven’t received your link, then check your e-mail spam box to see if it’s landed in there.

If you’re still bereft, then please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will send on the download link.

The vinyl test pressings arrived last week but unfortunately side two appeared to be pressed off-centre, resulting in some wow when played, so I’ve requested a second pressing. Hopefully, this issue should be resolved when I get those back.

I have to say that it’s a hell of a buzz sticking a slab of 180g vinyl on the deck and hearing your own music. OK, I’ve had vinyl out before, but it means so much more doing everything yourself!

Read more about the Pledgemusic kickstarter campaign here.


Two of my remixes are now out – Another Fine Day’s critically acclaimed album ‘A Good Place to Be’ [for which I did the artwork] gets the remix treatment, so alongside Greg Hunter, Ishq and Hibernation, my remix sits nicely on this release, available on download and limited edition CD.

The other one is for the 20th anniversary Banco de Gaia ‘Last Train to Lhasa’ release. My remix of ‘White Paint’ is on the lavish 4CD box set, again, limited to 3000 copies and available from the 26th June. There’s a Bandcamp link to my remix here.

Finally, the remix I did for Modaji, aka Dominic Jacobson, is finally seeing the light of day on a 12″ from Phonica Records. I’ll have more information about that soon..

The New Album: ‘Peace Odyssey’

Having hit full target on this 90 day campaign in just 30 days, the LP now has a name and is finished…

As I’ve already mentioned in the above paragraphs, for those of you who got involved with the project, you can now download the digital pack of the tracks that feature on the LP and the CD versions.

Along the way, the name of the LP changed and also the aural content went through a few alterations. Big thanks to Chris Bagust for his patience and his mastering skills.

Due to running times, the vinyl clocks in at around the 42 minute mark and the CD about 62 minutes. There’s an exclusive track ‘Sudetenland’ on the vinyl that doesn’t appear on the CD – it always bugged me that CD buyers always seemed to get the cream, so I’m attempting to redress the balance!

What was going to be a purely ambient set has now morphed into something that’s more representative of my general canon of work, so we start off with some rhythmic stuff and then gently fall into ambient electronica territory and piano-based material.

Anyway, I hope you all like it. I do, and I guess that’s the main thing…!

This project is now closed, but the whole thing has been such a buzz and positive experience, that I will be repeating the process in the not-too-distant future. Watch this space..

There’s also a scrapbook link here.


New Shop

You’re probably already aware of this, but the shopping system on this site has been totally upgraded and modified which will hopefully make your online experience less of an arduous process.

In other news, I’ve extended all teaser tracks to on average 1m45s, which’ll hopefully give you a better idea of how each track develops and grows.


The new scrapbook replaces what was the old news and events pages.

It’s akin to a blog; I’ll post up information regarding new releases, events and other fascinating bits of information that will either blow your mind or bore you shitless.

If you move your eyeballs to the right, you’ll spot some links to some pearls of wisdom that I’ve already penned.