Spring ’19.

I do love this time of year. The clocks went forward here in the UK and British Summertime commenced. With it comes longer days, shorter nights, beautiful birdsong in the evenings and, touch wood, better weather. As I gaze out of the window here in our office at home, I can see the first signs of life appearing in the woodland. After months of bareness, the oaks and beech trees start to get dressed, ready for the longer days. It’s all pretty magical really.



Latest Remix.

‘She Brought The Sun’ remixes, by The Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society is released on the 14th June on Six Degrees Records. It’s a seriously excellent EP and my version is in great company with the likes of Richard Barbieri, Donna Lewis and Matt Coldrick performing remix duties. If you like your ambient deeply modular and properly blissed out, then head over to https://ddas.lnk.to/sunremixes to pre order your copy.

Moving Forward.

After some thought, I’ve decided to do another crowd-funded album, but this time around, it’s going to be a retrospective of my work, taking in what I consider to be the best of my canon of work, concentrating on the period between 1993 and around 2008.

I’m not 100% sure whether it’ll be a digital and CD only release, or whether I should do another vinyl campaign. I’ll probably fire out an email to all of you who got on board the last one to gauge interest, but my initial thoughts are that I’ll concentrate on making a really nice job of a CD release, which’ll probably be a 4CD set with some really nice artwork and photography.

Once I’ve decided on which tracks to include in this release, I will be deleting my entire back catalogue on CD and digital. They will be removed from all streaming sites and will not be available to download or purchase on CD. Ultimately, ‘Sound to Sleep to‘, ‘Induction‘, ‘Get Lost‘, ‘Aural Architecture‘, ‘Peace Odyssey‘ and ‘Paracosmic‘ will be the only material available – which I consider to be my official releases. Both of my ‘Reinterpretation’ remix albums will be spared the chop.

Why am I doing this? Well, primarily because when I listen back to the majority of my earliest works, they’re not representative of where I’m at as a composer and producer these days. Quality control is quite tight nowadays, and if I’m honest, it wasn’t back then. The bottom line is quality, not quantity.

CD price reduction.

So, in a vain attempt to shift some of the stock that I have here, I’m reducing the price of all of the CDs that are destined for the chop – think of this as a ‘closing down sale’.

All CDs will retail at £4.99 for a limited period – once they’re gone, they’re gone!



Looking ahead.

But… what about new material, I hear you ask?

It’s all well and good looking back on my catalogue, but I’m not a massive fan of nostalgia and prefer to keep looking forward with a view to releasing new material. You’ll be pleased to hear that as ever, I’ve not been resting on my laurels; I’ve been very busy on the new compositions front. Since January, it’s proved a pretty fruitful period and there’ll be a new album of material in the offing at some point next year, I’d say. I’ll keep you all posted.



alucidnation on 6 Degrees Records.

Some more exciting news; I’ll wager that you can hardly contain your excitement.

I’m very proud to inform you that I’m now released on the exceedingly good 6 Degrees Records. They’re looking after the digital and download side of things for Paracosmic. My artist page is here.

Paracosmic was released on October 19th 2018 and you can go and have a listen, and, if you like what you hear, order it from all the usual suspects by clicking here.

For those of you who prefer the superior format of CD & vinyl, both limited editions are available for purchase here and here in my own shop and on the 6 Degrees BandCamp page.

You can read more about the making of ‘Paracosmic’ here.

alucidnation live.

Mainly due to the positive press around Paracosmic, I’ve [shock, horror!] landed some gigs this year. I’m not sure how I feel about the prospect of gigging again – I had it down to a tee about 15 years back when I was involved with the Big Chill, but I’m kind of out of practice these days.. I can’t actually recall when I last appeared on stage in front of an audience!

Anyway, getting out of one’s comfort zone is important, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it once I’m on stage, doing my thing.


The Little Chill.

26th-28th July, UK, very limited tickets.
Come along and catch some ambient legends at this intimate three day mini-festival in the heart of the South Downs. The ethos is largely modelled on the halcyon days of the Big Chill.

All profits from the event will go to Campfire Convention, Pete Lawrence’s fledgling ‘social media with a conscience’ network.

We are aiming to re-create the spirit of the early Big Chill… before rampant commerciality royally fucked it up.

More information and tickets are available here.

Ozora 2019.

Friday 2nd August, Hungary.
Ozora is one of the world’s biggest music festivals, believe it or not. I know – I’d not heard of it either, but it’s Hungary’s answer to Glastonbury, albeit with a more psytrance edge to the lineup. Don’t let the word psytrance put you off – I’ve never been a massive fan of the genre, either, but I’m going to be playing on the Ambyss stage in front of a pretty large audience on Friday 2nd August at around 8pm.

Here’s my listing, and there’s more information about the Ambyss stage here..

Whirl-y-Fayre 2019.

Friday 16th August, Glastonbury, UK.
The Whirl-y-gig parties have been a London-based fixture for some 30 odd years now, pre-dating most other regular shindigs by many years. I’ll hold my hands up and happily admit that I’ve never actually attended one of their parties, but I know a lot of people who have, and the vibe is supposed to be great – really friendly and open. I’m opening this, their seventh annual festival on the Friday at around 5pm. More information and tickets here.

alucidnation in ‘Electronic Sound’

This is only the second time that I’ve updated this site so far this year, apologies for that. I think I negated to mention that I had a rather nice review in issue #49 of the seminal ‘Electronic Sound’ magazine; here’s some pictorial evidence of said press exposure…



OK, so if you’re not into ‘owning’ music, then sure; click on the Spotify logo to listen to my catalogue. Every stream earns me the princely sum of 0.00429p, so if I bump into you in the pub, you can buy me a pint.


But if you’re after high quality digital, then in addition to my online shop here, click on the BandCamp logo to visit my store.

Here are a few random picks from my back catalogue…

youtube_logoYouTube Channel.

I’ve finally got my act together and started making some short films to accompany some of the tracks on the new album.

alucidnation is all over YouTube already. It’s just that it’s other people that are posting tracks, so I guess I should be too.

Please go here and subscribe to my channel, as I intend to do more visual stuff to accompany my music when I get a bit more time; a precious commodity these days..!

alucidnation | All at Sea

alucidnation | Analogue Test v5

alucidnation | Joyous

alucidnation Shop

What with the move away from downloads towards a streaming music model, I’ve gone and lowered my pricing. All downloads are now 25p.

All teaser tracks are on average 1m45s, which’ll hopefully give you a better idea of how each track develops and grows.

Pop in and take a look around


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