Winter 2016.

Hello. It’s now February the 5th and I write to you from a rather damp England. We’ve not seen much in the way of those crisp, cold, frosty days with bright sunshine and blue skies that I’m all too fond of. But I guess there’s still time for a change in the weather.

Us English love talking about the climate, but I’ll move onto the music now before I lose your interest.

Believe it or not, we’ve moved house yet again. We moved in March last year, and have had to move once again, which happened about 3 weeks ago. I guess this is one of the pitfalls of renting accommodation. But with each move, it gives one the chance to streamline the operation and as a consequence of our latest move, the studio is now the most ergonomic it’s ever been. Acoustically, the room where I’ve based the new studio is also better for vocals and live work, and the views from the new place are stunning, I have to say.

Life’s good.



New Music.

Listening through to my scrapbook on MiniDisc, it’s evident that 2015 was a pretty fruitful year for new ideas. Whilst a lot of it won’t get past quality control, there’s a good proportion that will do.

Having successfully kickstarted my latest LP, I’ve decided to roll it out to everyone else who maybe missed the boat first time round. So ‘Peace Odyssey’ is now officially out.

You can buy it directly from me here. It’s also available as hi-rez audio on my Bandcamp page – it’ll be available on iTunes and all good digital stores at the end of February.

For those of you who prefer the physical product, I’ll have limited quantities available on CD and vinyl LP here in my shop too, so tell all your friends!

BandCamp Picks

As well as retailing my music here on this site, you can also use my BandCamp page to listen to and purchase my catalogue; here’re some random picks for your delectation.

Remixes  |  Collaborations.

As you’re probably already aware, I’ve been doing a bit of remixing and writing with other folks this year, too.

Another Fine Day’s critically acclaimed album ‘A Good Place to Be‘ [for which I did the artwork] gets the remix treatment, so alongside Greg Hunter, Ishq and Hibernation, my remix sits nicely on this release, available on download and limited edition CD.

I was asked by Toby Marks to contribute to the 20th anniversary edition of Banco de Gaia’s ‘Last Train to Lhasa‘ release. My remix of ‘White Paint’ is on the lavish 4CD box set which is limited to 3000 copies and available on the Disco Gecko site.

Dom Jacobson [aka Modaji] and I have been throwing some ideas backward and forward occasionally via the internet and have come up with some pretty good stuff.
The first release, a 12″ vinyl, will be released sometime this year on Phonica and is entitled ‘Belle Epoque’. I’ll post the details up once I have them.

Meanwhile, Chris Pettit and I have also been tinkering around with a couple of new pieces, the results of which will be heard in the not-too-distant future on either my own label, or on Interchill. For those of you who follow what I do, you’ll remember that Chris and I recorded and released ‘Prefer to Stay in‘, which was issued on the last Interchill compilation, ‘WayPoint‘. It garnered some great reviews, I have to say. You can read some of them here.



A New Interchill Compilation.

The good folk at Interchill Records have issued a new compilation, and I feature on it not once, but twice with some classic alucidnation goodness.

Called simply ‘Interchill’, it’s a roundup of some of the highlights from the label’s prolific output from the last four or so years.

I feature on it with the opening track from ‘Aural Architecture’, ‘Protocol’, and the Irresistible Force remix of ‘Genetics’ is also included.

Those of you who are familiar with the Interchill label will notice that they have a brand new sparkly website. You can visit my artist page there and there’s also my releases page for your reading pleasure…



Get Lost – back in stock on CD.

My second album, originally released in 2009 on Big Chill Recordings, ‘Get Lost’, has long since sold out on CD. I’ve always been quietly surprised that it didn’t do quite as well as ‘Induction’ seemed to do from a purely commercial point of view, but maybe I’m biased – I consider it to be my finest collected body of work to date.

However, the LP was also signed and released in Asia and Australasia by the rather excellent One World Music. I’ve been in touch with them recently and it transpires that they have limited stock available, so I now have a few copies here for sale in my shop.

Go here to order it

alucidnation Shop

My online shopping system has been totally upgraded and modified which will hopefully make your online experience less of an arduous process.

In other news, I’ve extended all teaser tracks to on average 1m45s, which’ll hopefully give you a better idea of how each track develops and grows.


The new scrapbook replaces what was the old news and events pages.

It’s akin to a blog; I’ll post up information regarding new releases, events and other fascinating bits of information that will either blow your mind or bore you shitless.

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